Wat Bangkaenoi 3D scan

Thailand has many Buddhist temples. Bangkaenoi temple is located just outside Bangkok, in Samut Songkhram.

Although, this is a local temple not widely known to the tourists. It houses elegant wood carving displayed on the temple wall that is second to none.


The carvings depict the Ten reincarnation and the life of the Buddha. The walls are also decorated with the gold leaf painting technique. The ceilings outside are decorated with stuccos depict the story about Ramayana. The entire decorations take ten years to complete.

Wat Bangkaenoi is very close to Amphawa floating market.  A great day trip from Bangkok. 


Orthographic views of WatBangkaenoi's Interior

Click to download the high resolution image files.  Large file size around 12,000 x 7,000, 20-100 MB each

Please give credit to - Images by Nova research:  www.novavr3d.com

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